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Bliss of Earth 99.8% REB-A Purity Stevia Powder, Natural & Sugarfree, Zero Calorie Zero GI Keto Sweetener, 200GM


HEALTHY ALTERNATIVE TO SUGAR WITH HIGHEST PURITY: Bliss of Earth Stevia Powder is 99.8% pure & can sweeten your day without harming your health. You can use it to sweeten your drink & desserts without adding that Extra Calorie to your meals. What’s more because it’s highly concentrated, 1 jar should last you up to 2+ months.
INTENSE SWEET TASTE & EASY TO USE: Our Stevia powder is pure natural alternate to sugar and is extremely sweet. It’s 120 x sweeter than sugar in sweetness charts but in actual Use you’ll find it just 12 times sweeter than most artificial sweeteners. You will only need as little as 1/12 Tsp to add flavor to your tea, coffe or juice and 1-2 tsp for baking.
BEST TASTING STEVIA IN THE MARKET: Bliss of Earth Stevia Powder contains 99.8% Reb-A, the highest among other stevia powder available in Market. Reb-A (Rebaudioside A) is what fuels sweetness in Stevia without being bitter in taste.

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