What Is Altcheeni ?

Who doesn’t love sweets? Ya, everybody loves it, but what if the sugar is causing damage to your body? These are facts, and do you know that sugar is called white poison, the poison that will kill you gradually. So it important that we think of sugar control in right manner not by cutting of completely but by finding alternative solutions .

You may be wondering “what is Altcheeni ?” Altcheeni is derived from the Hindi word cheeni, which means sugar. So the alternative of sugar became Altcheeni. It’s an alternative to sugar

Altcheeni is an online e-commerce venture exclusively build up to  promote  the  best quality sugar-free & Diabetic friendly products where you will get Exclusively  sugar-free & Diabetic friendly products right from chocolates, juice, Diabetic friendly atta (Flour) and even toothpaste & more from India’s leading manufacturers of sugar free & Diabetic friendly products .

You can lead a healthy life by simply picking alternatives to regular sugar only exclusively at Altcheeni.com



Due to drastic change in lifestyle today India is inclining towards being Diabetic Capital of the world. According to some studies it is estimated that more than 15% of Indian population is diabetic or prone to diabetes . A generic definition for most of us about sugar free/ Diabetic friendly products is limited to just those small sweeteners packets we find in premium hotels / flights or at the most a sugar free sweets whereas diabetic friendly product segment is available in many other categories which are into our everyday consumption right from toothpaste to flour to chocolate to juices and so on.

Our Vision is to be India’ 1st  & exclusive choice on online platform catering to all Sugarfree & Diabetic friendly products . Our focus is to educate , give easy choice & selection to our customers hence we have enabled 15+  categories to identify daily life products .

We will help you achieve your goals like weight-loss, and diabetes management, by making available 100% sugar-free food products.

Let us be part of your journey in keeping you healthy and happy.