Diabexy Sugar Free Sweetener for Diabetes – 250g


LOW GLYCEMIC LOAD – Most of the sweetener available in the market are made up of maltodextrin/dextrose and sucralose. Estimated glycemic load of Maltodextrin is 110 per 100g which means it will increase blood sugar by 2200 points. Whereas the estimated glycemic load of Diabexy sugar free sweetener is 1 per 100g which means it will increase blood sugar by only 20 points. It means that Diabexy Sweetener will have 99% lesser impact on blood sugar compare to other sweeteners.
MALTODEXTRIN FREE – There are several types of artificial sweetener available which are having glycemic load from 0 to 110. For example Glycemic load of Maltodextrin is 110, maltose is 105 and dextrose is 100 which is very high. Glycemic load of white sugar is 65. A Diabetic person should avoid such sweeteners which are made up of Maltodextrin, maltose or dextrose because their glycemic load is too high. Diabexy Sweetener is having glycemic load of just 1 which is ideal for a diabetic person.

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