Ensure Diabetes Care- Nutrition to Help Control Blood Sugar Levels- 400 gm Jar (Vanilla Flavour)


Complete, Balanced nutrition designed for adults with diabetes. It is sugar-free* and is available in two delicious flavours–Vanilla Delight and Chocolate.
A scientifically formulated nutrition with slow release energy system which helps manage blood glucose levels and provide steady energy.
Country of Origin: India.
Contains High Quality Protein- essential to support muscle mass along with vitamins and minerals. It is by nature Gluten-free and lactose free Supports Heart Health; It is trans-fat free.
HOW TO PREPARE – Add 6 Scoops of Ensure Diabetes Care powder in 200 ml water. Stir until dissolved and enjoy. One serving of EnsureDiabetes Care provides approximately 226 K cal.

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